What we do

Specialising in potted herb growing and farming of fresh cut herbs to the Irish market since 1988. Our farm operations consists of modern growing glasshouses for year round pot herb production and a cut herb pack house in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow.

In season, we grow Bord Bia Irish cut herbs , and out of season we source from quality approved suppliers abroad. All of our herb products go through rigorous agronomic checks and are food safety audited to BRC standard. We package our selection of fresh herbs on site in Wicklow, using bespoke herb packaging to ensure optimal freshness.

Our herb enterprise started small, but has grown steadily in the size with our production. We have developed throughout the years by putting customer satisfaction and experience with our fresh herbs at the heart of everything we do.

We take pride in our country side location in Glenealy, set in the heart of the Garden of Ireland, County Wicklow. We are involved in various sustainability projects and aim to operate as an environmentally friendly business.

Our aim is to produce our fresh products economically to create the greatest value for the customers. Our philosophy is to invest in our people and our production to deliver quality products to our customers on a consistent basis.

Our Mission

Provide our customers with the best quality fresh herbs.

Value our employees and their contribution to our enterprise.

Protect our natural resources & actively seek ways to reduce our environmental impact.

O’Hanlon Team

It’s our dedicated and hardworking team on the farm in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow that has made the difference.

We have a dynamic and talented workforce, and we are proud that our employees share a unique passion for what we do. Our team works diligently every day to improve performance and consistency of our products.

Our success has also been achieved due to the commitment and passion of our Irish herb growers/suppliers, and our quality approved growers abroad.

Together, with our trusted partners, we work hard to ensure that we supply the Irish market with the finest quality herbs all year round.

Community Engagement

We aim to make an impactful and meaningful difference to help the local community in which we operate.

Education, community and sports are the areas we believe are important, so we are involved in a variety of initiatives to create positive change.

We proudly sponsor one of the local football clubs jerseys in our local community. We have supported the Astroturf at the Glenealy community hall, which has created a great sporting facility for the community to come together for healthy recreation all year round.

In order to create an interest and awareness of the importance of health, we are helping create and maintain an herb garden with the senior class in the local primary school – St. Josephs National School, which we hope will inspire the next generation of budding horticulturists.

To further educate the school children, we have coordinated visits for the senior class to see our glasshouses in last term, and have a hand on experience by being able to sow their own seeds, and watch their herb plant grow at home.