2 stars of the late summer herb garden

Pineapple sage

A richly aromatic herb with a fantastic fruity scent , more evocative of the Caribbean than Ireland! Placed at the back of the border the rich green pointed leaves and attractively shaped plant would adorn any garden. A light clipping in midsummer keeps it in check and bushy.

Although pineapple sages hidden card is the fantastic display of beautiful crimson red flower plumes which emerge in late summer and autumn and can carry on until the first frosts




Another lovely feathery backdrop to a herb garden. If you have given it a good cut back in mid July , the soft regrowth should be bushing out providing a fresh vivid green glow in the herb garden.

Both herbs are very pretty and lovely garden plants. The tricks are to position correctly for full effect, cut back at the correct time about mid season, and reap the benefits at this time of year

All herbs are in situ in our sponsored herb garden at the local school, take a look if your passing!