Longer lasting freshness
with Care


Care forPotted


Care forFresh Cut

Feeling cozy indoors

  • Indirect sunlight
  • Warm environment
  • Water
    if dry
  • 1

    Put it in a ceramic plant holder or plate and find a sunny, wind free and warm windowsill.

  • 2

    Water only when the soil is dry to touch. Never leave excess water under the pot.

1 to 2 weeks
of freshness if cared & kept indoors


  • Full
  • Wind
  • Water lightly everyday

If you want your basil to keep growing, you have to take it outdoors.

  • 1

    Plant it in the ground, sheltered from the wind, with soil rich in nutrients. If kept in a balcony it is best to repot it to a bigger pot.

  • 2

    If it is really hot, you may water it every day. If the leaves start to fade and droop a little, you need to water it immediately.

  • 3

    Add general plant food to the water every second week.

Fresh Potted Basil

Collectnature’s gift

You can pick the shoots regularly for culinary purposes.

It is important that you never cut the stem directly above ground, only the upper, fresh shoots.

Basil is an annual plant, so after it has flowered and seeded, it dies. Harvest outdoor basil before the first frosts.

Freeze it tokeep it


In boiling water for 2 seconds.

Ice bath

Transfer the leaves to an ice bath.

Dry & Freeze

Dry & store in a freezer container, separating the layers.

Freshnessin your hand

  • Do not refrigerate basil
  • 1

    Keep the product in it’s mini-greenhouse packaging.

  • 2

    Snip off what you need and continue to properly store the remainder.

  • 3

    Keep basil at 10° – 15°

Enjoy iteveryday

Before use, rinse under cold running water.

Once you have picked the basil leaves it is better to tear rather than cut them, as the edges may turn black. It’s perfectly safe to eat but doesn’t look as appealing.

The stems of basil are great for use in stocks & sauces.