Safety is our priority

Making sure our people have the right tools to do their job, in a safe environment, is a number one priority for our business. This also means taking great care over the fresh herbs that we grow and process for our consumers.

Creating a culture that makes safety a top goal, and training our staff to adopt behaviours that focus on keeping them free from harm is our main aim. As well as adhering to the strictest regulatory requirements, our own policies and standards are reviewed each year to ensure we are adopting industry best practice and to improve where possible.

In Wicklow, we have a health and safety team dedicated to providing a safe working environment. Every month, this team reviews health and safety data from the farm and site and the findings are discussed by the relevant leadership team so that we can take swift action as required, or share best practice between our teams when something is working well. Quarterly health and safety ‘tool box’ meetings are held formally with all staff reviewing best health and safety practices in the past and upcoming period. We promote a safety culture where each team member is responsible for the safety of those around them.

Our business utilises internationally recognised management standards for quality, safety, environment and food safety to ensure best standards are maintained.

Food Safety

We have an excellent record on food hygiene, so making sure that our herbs are safe to eat is of paramount importance. As you would expect we have strict procedures and processes in place that govern how our fresh herbs are grown, procured, stored and packaged.

One of the ways we keep standards high is through appropriate checks and balances and by regularly being independently audited. We adhere to the BRC standard for quality management, a system which we have externally certified each year. As well as routine internal audits, we invite third party auditors to do unannounced site visits. We also receive regular routine visits each year from Environmental Health Officers.


Bord Bia

  • The Bord Bia Horticulture Quality Assurance Scheme sets out the requirements for Best Practice in fruit and vegetable production, packing and processing. O’Hanlon Herbs are annually audited and accredited under this scheme.

    This certification is operated in accordance with EN45011 requirement, which are based on established best practice as determined by technical, industry representatives and other experts. They are also based on current legislation, relevant industry guidelines and international standards.

BRC Global Standard

  • BRC Issue 7 has been developed to specify the food safety, quality and operational criteria required to be in place within a food manufacturing organization to fulfill obligations with regard to legal compliance and protection of the consumer.

    The format and content of the Standard is designed to allow and assessment of a company’s premises, operational systems and procedures by a competent third party, the certification body, against the requirements of the standard.

Environmental Stewardship

As a sustainable Irish farm, growing and packing operation, we are committed to conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible manner. We are continually investing in research and innovation to reduce the impact on the environment and lower the amount of resources we use.

We have a commitment to operate sustainably – in terms of emissions, energy conservation, water management and biodiversity. We are meeting this commitment through a variety of our own initiatives.

Our state of the art glasshouses are built to minimize the effect on the natural surrounding environment and improve energy efficiency. One of our sustainability initiatives is the reduction of using heating oil by 100% through conversion to woodchip.

Our irrigation is from harvested rainwater from our glasshouse roof and we use a sophisticated system to recycle irrigation water internally in our growing area. We use minimal pesticides by using an Integrated Pest Management system as well as biological controls.

As an alternative to plastic packaging, some of our packaging is made from renewable materials, such as cornstarch. Energy conservation is an ongoing commitment both to remain competitive but also to care for our natural resources in a sustainable way.


  • O’Hanlon Herbs subscribe annually to REPAK, which is an industry body charged with reducing packaging waste by encouraging best practices.

    Repak is a business led compliance scheme licensed by the Irish government to collectively fund recovery and recycling of packaging on behalf of Irish producers.

Ballynagran Energy Plus

  • O’Hanlon Herbs is proud to have received assistance from the Ballynagran Energy Plus project.

    Ballynagran Community, located in the heart of County Wicklow, has embarked on an ambitious and generous project to become an Energy Plus Community within the next fifteen years.

    The focus of the project is reducing energy consumption in buildings, transportation and food production and to produce self reliant renewable energy for Ballynagran.