Staff December

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  • Full time seasonal work from December 8th – 23rd December
  • Evening and day shifts available
  • Great terms and incentives
  • Fresh coffee, fruit and catering for all staff
  • We are an inclusive, diverse and supportive employer
  • All are welcome!
o'hanlon herbs

O’Hanlon herbs

O’Hanlon herbs

Introducing our self watering herb planter designed by Boskke

o'hanlon herbs
Fresh herbs 100% compostable

We are moving to 100% compostable packaging

We are working towards more sustainable and consumer friendly packaging solutions, Our new living herb sleeve is home compostable and holds the OK certificate from TUV Austria.

Fill your kitchen with aroma

Fill your kitchen with aroma

For over 30 years, O’Hanlon Herbs have been growing living herbs, so we are delighted to offer our customers a convenient and handy solution to help manage and beautifully display our fragrant and delicious herbs in your home.

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