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BBQ range

French tarragon, hot n spicy oregano, lemon thyme, 1 herb tin holder

Infusion range

Lemon verbena, pineapple sage, peppermint, 1 herb tin holder
Summer basil

Summer Basil range

Lemon, lime,purple, 1 trio self-watering herb tub
Pick of the day

Pick of the day

A selection of assorted herbs to include chives, rosemary, parsley, dill, basil, coriander, thyme, sage
All our Irish living herbs specially grown for Boad Bia event are now instead being offered as ‘Herbs at Home’ local delivery service in early to mid-Jun 2020. The cost includs delivery to any address in Dublin or locally near us in wicklow, delivery will be to the front door on any day from the 1-15 June 2020.Deliveries are perishable therefore non-returnable. All our packaging is compostable or recyclable where possible. Extra safety precautions will be taken by our own van service. Our safety procedures on site assure our herbs are grown and packaged to the highest Boad Bia standards. Please note delivery dates may vary due to the nature of the growing products. Our aim is to supply the full range listed above but in some cases this may not be possible due availability at time of packing. See full terms and conditions*

O’Hanlon herbs

O’Hanlon herbs

Introducing our self watering herb planter designed by Boskke

o'hanlon herbs
Fresh herbs 100% compostable

We are moving to 100% compostable packaging

We are working towards more sustainable and consumer friendly packaging solutions, Our new living herb sleeve is home compostable and holds the OK certificate from TUV Austria.

Fill your kitchen with aroma

Fill your kitchen with aroma

For over 30 years, O’Hanlon Herbs have been growing living herbs, so we are delighted to offer our customers a convenient and handy solution to help manage and beautifully display our fragrant and delicious herbs in your home.

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