parsley care self watering

parsley care self watering


Potted Herb Care

  • Indirect sunlight
  • Warm environment
  • 1. Remove herb from pack & place into our self watering pot.

  • 2. Fill the pot with water.

  • 3. Refill when water is below level of terracotta disc.

1 to 2 weeks of freshness if cared & kept indoors

Growing Outdoors

  • Full sunlight
  • Wind free
  • Water daily

If you want leaf parsley to live longer, take it outdoors.

  • 1. Plant it in loosed and fertilized soil, leaf parsley doesn’t need much light, you can plant it in the shade.

  • 2. Regular watering encourages new shoots.

  • 3. Feed regularly with a liquid plant food, and ensure the pot compost is kept moist.

Parsley care self watering
May – Oct

When to Harvest

Using scissors, pick the full-grown leaves with their petiole (the stalk that joins the leaf to the stem.)

Make sure not to damage the new buds, so that new stems can grow.

Cut only a third of the leaves of a plant at a time.

How to Freeze

1. Chop

Chop cleaned leaves (no stems) into small pieces.

2. Cube tray

Press pieces into an ice cube tray half-filled with water.

3. Freeze

Place the tray in your freezer. Can be kept for 4 to 6 months.

Cut Herb Care

  • Can be refrigerated
  • 1. Keep the product in it’s mini-greenhouse packaging.

  • 2. Snip off what you need and continue to properly store the remainder.

  • 3. Lasts 7 to 10 days

How to enjoy it

Before use, rinse under cold running water.

Use whole leaves or chop them with a sharp, dry knife.

The stalks are full of flavour and ideal for soups, sauces and stocks.

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