Rosemary care self watering

Rosemary care self watering


Potted Herb Care

  • Full sunlight
  • Warm environment
  • 1. Remove herb from pack & place into our self watering pot.

  • 2. Fill the pot with water.

  • 3. Refill when water is below level of terracotta disc.

1 to 2 weeks of freshness if cared & kept indoors

Growing Outdoors

  • Indirect sunlight
  • Wind free
  • Water daily

If you consider replanting it, keep in mind that rosemary is not hardy and has to be protected from frost – use portable pots.

  • 1. Plant it in a pot with loose fertilized soil.

  • 2. Water moderately. The plant will need more water and nutrients when it starts to grow in the summer.

  • 3. Water it with plant food every 2-3 weeks from May to September.

Rosemary care self watering
May – Oct

When to Harvest

When harvesting, cut above the fifth-seventh leaf from the ground, at about 6-8 cm, so that it will grow into a “nicely-shaped” bush.

Where you pinch off the stem the plant will branch out abundantly.

How to Freeze

1. Trim

Trim the leaves off the stems, wash & dry.

2. Bag

Throw them as is in to a sealable bag.

3. Freeze

Place the tray in your freezer. Can be kept for 4 to 6 months.

Cut Herb Care

  • Can be refrigerated
  • 1. Keep the product in it’s mini-greenhouse packaging.

  • 2. Snip off what you need and continue to properly store the remainder.

  • 3. Lasts 10 to 14 days

How to enjoy it

Before use, rinse under cold running water.

To use, cut sprigs and use whole or strip off leaves as required.

Leave out the thicker stems as they can easily become hard when cooking.

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