Self Watering Planter

Self watering herb Planter

A great piece of kitchen equipment! Designed exclusively by Boskke for O’Hanlon Herbs, perfect for indoor herb gardening. Our self watering herb planter allows you to top up the water reservoir every week or so and the planter will keep the herbs perfectly watered with no fuss!

Self watering planter

Herb Planter Instructions


Self watering planter instructions one

Inner pot clips into outer planter, and can be removed for cleaning.


Self watering planter instructions Two

Gently remove plant from its container and place into Herb Planter. You may need to add or remove soil to ensure the tight fit.


Self watering planter instructions Three

Fill Herb Planter with water through corner hole. A full Herb Planter provides more than two weeks of watering.


Self watering planter instructions Four

Refill when water falls below level of Slo-Flo terracotta disc. We recommend using filtered water to reduce lime-scale.

With the right environment, all our plants grow well indoors.

How to pick a location that will make your Herbs happy

Herbs like good light so they can grow, so pick a good sunny position; and some varieties prefer more sunlight than others. That’s the beautiful thing about having herbs in planters…They can be moved around!

Finally, make sure to snip (or prine back) your plants after. Enjoy those delicious leaves and experience the taste of summer!

Happy gardening!

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