New year new me??

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. We are not broke, we’re just sweating chocolate and cheesecake. Let’s be honest, many of us are glad to see the back of the festive period at this stage. For us here at O’Hanlon Herbs, we become extremely busy for the month of December, like all festive food producers. One thing we are looking forward to is getting back into the usual routine and settling our bodies down after 10 days of indulgence. Here are our top 3 herby tips for getting back to feeling yourself, as well as a hack to stay off the chocolate biscuits Simple changes are key here.

Drink more water

We could go all cliché here and bore you with the detox spiel, but our kidneys and liver will look after that for us. Once we are hydrated our bodies will look after us. However, that itself can be a challenge for many. Why not try some infusions, try placing some fresh mint leaves and a slice or two of lemon in a jug of water. Place it in the fridge and leave it for a few hours to stew. This will add a natural flavour and keep you drinking more water! More favourites of ours are basil and strawberries, or mint and strawberries for different flavour infusions. We would love to hear from you. Post your infusion ideas to Instagram and tag us @ohanlonherbs. We will send one lucky participant a pack of our new herb planters!

Eat more greens!

I know, I know, I’m starting to sound like your mother, but she was right about this one! Now we all know vegetables can be challenging at the best of times. However I for one am strangely craving them at this stage. Why not try adding some of our flavoursome herbs to make them that little bit easier. Our favourites are roast vegetable with rosemary and/or thyme. Another great way to increase your vegetable intake is by taking it in through soup, and herbs are a great way to add some extra flavour. Curly Parsley was always a traditional addition in our house and it definitely adds an extra layer. For some inspiration, check out the happy pears recipe for tomato soup, its loaded with fresh vegetable and one of the most popular herbs, Basil!

Move more

Ok, this one isn’t directly related to herbs, but it is equally important. One of the key things about feeling good is moving a little bit each day. Something that gets neglected during the festive season. We think around 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day will get you right back on track (the dog will thank you).

Tea hack

Try swapping normal tea for a freshly brewed pot of mint tea. We are pretty sure you won’t go dipping your chocolate biscuits in! Simply place a handful of fresh mint leaves into a pot of boiling water and let set for 5 minutes and you’re away.