Our Story

O’hanlon herbs story

O’hanlon herbs story

Our passion

Our journey began with the same key ingredient which has kept us going over the last 30+ years, Passion. We started off in 1988, in a small suburban back garden in Co. Dublin, where we provided fresh potted herbs to markets.

O'hanlon herbs story

Putting down roots!

Fast forward 4 years and the demand had increased so much the operations were moved to a greenfield site in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow and commercial herb production started to try and meet growing demands.

From there on things started to get a bit more interesting…

We trialled in a major retailer soon after and much to the teams delight we were offered residency on their shelves on the back of this. This was the first real time Irish consumers had a chance to see fresh herbs in the shop window!

O'hanlon herbs story

Healthy Eating

The early 2000’s seen a rapid rise in the interest surrounding herb usage, and by 2008 we had grown to producing 1000 pots per week, remarkable considering our humble beginnings.

We soon realised we were outgrowing our set-up, so in 2008 we invested in a state-of-the-art glasshouse on site in Glenealy, which gave us complete control over temperature, light, water etc.

Since then we have expanded twice, in 2012 and 2015, with new glasshouses and a cut herb packhouse, where we pack using sustainably sourced cut herbs.

O'Hanlon Quality Services story

Quality service

Today we operate with 2 acres under glass and produce over 3 million potted herbs and over 5 million cut herb packets per year to all the main retailers as well as independent stores and food service. Over 30 years have passed since our days in garden sheds and market corners, who knows where we will be in the next 30!

We have invested heavily in the business to ensure we are sustainable as possible. Click below to find out more about our sustainability measures!