Taking Action in Uncertain Times

Adapting for our Staff, our customers and our community

O’Hanlon Herbs is committed to ensuring that we provide our communities with a safe and continuous supply of fresh produce in these difficult times. As an active member of the local community, providing support to local schools and community groups, we have adapted our business, with public health and staff welfare as our top priority.

Like many businesses, our initial task was to identify the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently adapt our business to safeguard against them.

We are continuously adapting and updating our working practices to ensure that we remain up to date with Government guidelines and public health advice.

Our Facility

From new age thermal cameras to tried and tested hand hygiene facilities, we have invested in the updating our facility over the past number of months.

Whether it’s the increase in signage or the erecting of a temporary canteen, we are committed to ensuring that staff can work in a safe and COVID conscious workplace.

Our Staff

We have segregated our workforce into pods which work diligently both day and night to ensure we can meet the demands of our supply chain. This ensures we can maintain a safe working environment with minimal interaction between pods.

We have adopted online technologies to allow those who could work from home, to continue to do so.

We have established a COVID-19 Staff committee which is comprised of staff and management representatives and a dedicated COVID-19 officer. The committee meets regularly to provide a forum to ensure we are actively engaging with our employees in relation to the pandemic. The COVID-19 officer also gives weekly briefings to all staff to ensure they are informed of the ever-evolving status of COVID-19 and updated company policies and procedures.

While social distancing is recognized as being key to minimizing the risk of introduction/ spread of the virus, personal protective equipment such as face coverings and shields are available to all staff and mandatory in roles where social distancing is difficult.

Our Customers

Open and direct communications with our customers and supply chain allows us to maintain a consistent product that meets our customer’s demand.

We are in daily contact with our customers and suppliers to ensure we can share insights and resources in relation to COVID-19 and adapt to emerging consumer trends.

Our Community

Despite our active involvement in the community we have stopped all unnecessary visits from community members to the site. Our efforts to minimize the spread of the virus are not solely focused on its introduction/ spread within the site but also reducing the risk of its spread from the site into the wider community.

As with all businesses we have increased our disinfection efforts and increased hygiene practices. We ensure all staff leaving the site have stored / disposed of their PPE correctly and that they wash their hands prior to leaving the facility.

We have provided local schools, community center’s and businesses with resource materials to increase awareness and help mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.

If you would like further information on our efforts in combating COVID-19 please contact us.